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Episode 35: Captain Blood (1935)

"It's a truly royal clemency we're granted, my well worthy of King James.  He spares us the mercifully quick extinction of the hangman's rope...and gives us the slow death of slavery.  He grants us our lives in exchange for living death.  Faith, it's an uncertain world entirely."

Before Errol Flynn became a household name as a handsome and swashbuckling Hollywood star, Warner Brothers rolled the dice and cast him, an unknown actor from Tasmania, in Captain Blood, its answer to the up-and-coming craze of pirate pictures among audiences at the time.

Flynn instantly became a Hollywood darling opposite the already popular Olivia de Havilland, and the two would have the beginnings of a wonderful career together.  Flynn's life and popularity were short-lived, however, when his wild lifestyle caught up with him at a relatively young age.

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