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Episode 54: Day for Night (1973)

"What is a film director?  A man who's asked questions about everything.  Sometimes he knows the answers."

Day for Night (1973) is probably popular in the history of cinema for creating a rift between two founders of the French New Wave, Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard.  Truffaut was accused by Godard (and others) of selling out with this film, presumably by catering to the masses and also lying about his own personal life in the script.

Either way you look at it, Day for Night is not a love letter to cinema, but the procedure of creating cinema.  Told in a documentary style, it depicts the drama among the cast and crew of a typical (and not very good) movie.  It is Truffaut's comical commentary on his professional world, and remains, at its very least, a delightful little trifle of a movie.

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